Ross Jackson

An Eye on the Enemy: The Falcons Select Calvin Ridley in the First

The explosive Atlanta Falcons have replicated history with their selection of Calvin Ridley with the 26th pick in this year’s draft. The Falcons watched, happily I’m sure, as the Alabama product fell down, down, down throughout the draft and probably got giddy when he dropped right into their laps. Much like their superstar WR Julio Jones in the 2011.

Ridley is an astoundingly talented wide receiver that compares to Colts legend Marvin Harrison. He’s a 6’1″ speedster running a 4.43 40 at the combine. He’s incredible out of the break and needs to be jammed at the line. When corners play him, they must be physical and lock him up at the snap. He’s not as strong as D.J. Moore, but he’s got great moves and crisp feet.

His biggest knock is that he lacks strength. Thankfully, our corners are all very physical. He’s also had 20 outright drops throughout his career at Alabama, which should allow him to fit right in in Atlanta. The fact of the matter here is, though, that this is a big get for Atlanta and definitely puts the Saints in a tough position to have to figure out how to guard all of those weapons when they’re healthy. I’ll give this one an 8/10 because it’s a big time adjustment over game-planning for Muhammad Sanu.

There’s also been some strange things coming from Atlanta and Julio Jones. Could this mean that Atlanta is preparing for life after Julio? Will be an interesting, and probably hilarious series of events to watch unfold.