Ross Jackson

An Eye on the Enemy: The Falcons Final Day Selections

4.26 – Southern Mississippi RB Ito Smith

Ito was one of my favorite RBs in this year’s very deep class. I had him mocked to the Saints a couple of time, but much later in the draft. Unfortunately now, I have to dislike him.Ito has incredible escape-ability and has a ton of tools that help him find the endzone. He’s a great selection for the Falcons in terms of adding depth (for now) behind Devontae Freeman and Tevin Coleman. He’ll have a couple of effective pass-catching backs to learn from before being potentially called into duty. If he can complete the addition of receiving skills, he’ll be a big threat for us to contain out of the backfield. And we know that the Falcons backs as receivers have seemed to always give us fits. In terms of immediate impact, I’d say 6/10. But this is another that will rise with time if he gets the coaching he wants.

6.20 – LSU WR Russell Gage

The Falcons continue to poach players from LSU, which they’ve had mostly good fortune with as of late (aside from Jalen Collins). Gage is a receiver with great special teams ability and speed. He was a major contributor for LSU in the return game but never had a QB that could get him the ball so he also found ways to affect in the run game with jet sweeps and reverses.. The Falcons took Calvin Ridley with their first pick in the draft. Which tells me that Gage will mostly be seeing kick return duty when he makes it on the field. While he’s very effective in that area, he are too and the NFL speed of kickoffs and punt returns are in our favor. No big change for us. 5/10.


6.28 – Yale Linebacker Foye Oluokun

The Ivy League linebacker was a great impact player on the defense of the Yale Bulldogs.Given second-team All-Ivy League honors his senior year. However, how he’ll transfer to the speed of the NFL after playing Ivy League ball for three years will tell the whole story. He’s likely to be a special teams contributor on a team that’s already pretty stout on the second level of the defense. 2/10 if they put him on the field, Drew will drool.