Ross Jackson

An Eye on the Enemy: The Bucs Select Carlton Davis in the Second

With their third selection in the second round, the Bucs took Auburn CB Carlton Davis. Davis, much like M.J. Stewart, is someone that needs to make contact at the line. The Bucs took Stewart about ten picks ahead of Davis. He’s a man-to-man coverage corner and is decent in zone but his hands are terrible.

He’s another penalty magnet as well, particularly will be with the officiating style of the NFL. Can get beat vertically but will be a factor in the run game. He’s a sure tackler and a big hitter, which is exciting but could also result in some unnecessary penalty calls. Makes sense, however, that the Bucs would continue to load up their very weak secondary.

He’s going to have his hands full, likely literally, in the NFC South. I’ll also give this one a 3/10. Again sub-5 just because the coverage style and strength aren’t concerning for our receivers. If he develops as a zone coverage corner, he won’t fit the Tampa 2 system as well, so that’s not of concern to me. If they deploy him in zone coverage at all against Drew Brees, he’ll get eaten. Only had one interception in 2017 while Stewart didn’t have a single one in the last two years. Not great track records, but we’ll see how they develop.