After The Brees Blows Through

The question that will probably take two years to answer, is who will inherit the New Orleans Saints starting quarterback duties, the face of the franchise title, and the ability to connect with city away from the field. Drew came to New Orleans back in 2006 after Hurricane Katrina. The main two players that were rumored to be in the running for the quarterback role were then free agents Drew Brees and Daunte Culpepper. Drew was not most people’s first choice because he was dealing with gruesome arm injury from the previous season. A lot of fans may have not got what they wanted, but they got what they needed. Drew has aged a bit since that time even though his production is still above average he will have to retire at some point. He signed a 2 year contract, so I would expect that to be his last contract to sign as a player. It is the coaches’, scouts’, and general manager’s jobs to find and transition someone in the next two years unless an contract extension arises (God would definitely be a Saints fan if that’s the case). I wanted to explore a few options that could be potentially acquired in the coming months or a year or two.

I will start in-house with Tom Savage. He is the most experienced reserve on the Saints roster. He seems like his best fit is as a backup. He is smart enough to run the offense, but I am not sure he has what it takes to execute consistently. He initially started over Deshaun Watson last year, but that was short lived after Deshaun took over because of subpar results. Deshaun came up injured after destroying whatever defense was placed in front of him. Tom returned as the starter after Deshaun’s injury, but he was not Deshaun. Hopefully I am wrong, and Tom can develop into something but I don’t see it.

Taysom Hill is another Saints backup quarterback who has been hyped by the Packers and Saints coaching staffs which says a lot. I will state the obvious, he is an athlete. When you are 6’2 220 pounds, run a 4.40-4.50 forty yard dash, and play special teams, you cannot escape the athlete description. So with that said, you can conclude that the potential is there, keyword being potential. According to the Bill Parcells quote, ”potential means you haven’t done anything yet”. Therefore if he will need time develop if he does get the keys to the car. He is going into his second year, therefore he needs time to develop. Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, and Tom Brady among others were not elite when they initially took over. It takes time, Drew struggled in San Diego until Phillip Rivers was drafted; then Drew thrived. Tom Brady was a game manager until her learned to eat defenses up and became what some call a GOAT.

JT Barrett is currently the third string passer on the Saints. He broke all kinds of records at Ohio State, but has a small sample size of NFL film to judge. He is athletic and also a good leadership/locker room type of guy. He was undrafted so he obviously has things to work on in his game, hopefully he can put on a show in the next few preseason games.


Getting away from the Big Easy and going up in Buffalo New York you will find a guy named AJ Mccarron. He is still in his early starter developmental stages of being a quarterback. Sean Payton was in love with him during the pre draft process unless that was a smokescreen. He just signed a two year deal with the Bills, so he will be a free agent when Drew’s contract is expected to be up. Plenty can change in two years, but we will see if his college intangibles, & coach/teammate praise come to light this year. He is a competitor. When a quarterback almost gets in a fight with his center during the National Championship game, in the 4th quarter with a commanding lead of 42-14 over a good defense, than you conclude he will continue the fight to win when the game is already won (video). If Josh Allen finds a way to start this year than AJ could on the trade market.

Similar to Drew Brees is Teddy Bridewater in regards of trying to find his way back in the a starting signal caller role after enduring a gruesome injury that almost cost him his career. Teddy was a first round pick for the Minnesota Vikings, that was becoming a solid starter for the team. He injured his knee badly in practice one day, and has been making a comeback ever since. He has had good reviews this summer playing for the New York Jets, but they have seasoned veteran Josh McCown and 1st round pick quarterback of the future Sam Darnold. Teams usually carry 2-3 quarterbacks on a 53 man roster, so if they choose to go with 2, than I can see them trading Teddy instead of cutting him. He would have good trade return for the Jets.

We are probably all aware of Robert Griffin III aka RG3. His rookie year he took the league by storm. He was a problem for everyone, including the Saints in Week1. I almost had that loss out of my memory. He took on injuries late into that season, and that was his downfall. He sat out one season and is now back on a team with the Ravens. He is in a similar position as Teddy Bridgewater playing the 3rd wheel in the quarterback room white a rookie 1st round preps taking over one day. While his decision making may be in question at times, his arm and sprinting speed are still present. If Sean Payton felt like he could get good production out of while also convincing him to slide or get out of bounds, than he could be a steal.

The above mentioned quarterbacks come from different beginnings, but all stand a chance to be successful in a Sean Payton offense that populated by many weapons. There is still plenty of football to be played in the next two years, and players to analyze before having to actually have a replacement in place. There are many potential rookies that are going to be trying to put some good football on tape for scouts this fall. For the potential NFL Draft quarterbacks in 2019 go check out the amazing work by Dylan Sanders (Twitter: @DillySanders) at Here,and Here. Enjoy Drew while he is playing now.