A Way Too Early 2009 Team Comparison

So here we are, the Saints at 6-2 and ahead of my 10-6 season prediction. The recent dismantling of Tampa Bay has me thinking this team is playing similar to the Super Bowl team of 2009. I know, don’t jinx us man, I just think this team can do something special. The Lattimore, Jameis and Evans incident has ,in my opinion, strengthened the bond of the 53 plus on the squad. Smells like team spirit? Yea I know I had to. The next team up is the Buffalo Bills in a tough road game.

The 09 squad and current team have many obvious similarities like Brees throwing for 70% and 71% completion percentage. Talk about consistency, in 2009 Drew was 34-11 td/Int ratio. This year so far 13-4 in a half season. The SB team offensively was number 1 in total yards, the 17 version is number 2. Rushing yards are 6th and 7th respectfully, and this years running attack may be better. Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara are averaging 4.4 and 6 yards a tote. The three headed monster of Bell/Thomas/Bush were 3.8,5.4 and 5.6 a carry. Marques Colston and Mike Thomas are very comparable, though Thomas may be more explosive. Third down conversions in 2009 were at 45 %, this year about 40 %. Turnovers were at +11, so far this year it’s at +3. In 2009 two kickers hit at 78%, Will Lutz is connecting at 80 %.

The defenses have many commonalities as well like Will Smith’s 13 sacks while this year Cam Jordan has 7 sacks and a interception for a touchdown. The 09 Saints had 35 sacks for the year the current team already has 23 in eight games. AJ Klein is playing the Vilma role, albeit at a slightly diminished level, but still playing good ball. Sharper had 9 ints that year and Roman Harper was solid especially in run support. Kenny Vaccaro has had a very good year thus far and Vonn Bell and rookie Marcus Williams have been solid. Marshon Lattimore has been our own version of Deion Sanders except he can tackle. Tracy Porter had the two biggest interceptions in Saints history and Jabari Greer was no slouch either. Another interesting thing is the schedule of both teams, with 14 of the 16 opponents being the same. I know it’s way too early to anoint these Saints anything but the potential is there. Six in a row is nothing to sneeze at but it’s less than half the 2009 team streak. In the end, this team has a long road ahead, but the gas tank is full and with good fortune you never know.