A View from the UK – Savage Saints put Bengals to the Sword – Offensive Breakdown

There’s not a lot of times in team sports where you can have a perfect game, everything clicks, everyone works together and you come out with an emphatic win, this was as near to perfect as I can remember for the New Orleans Saints on Sunday.

The Saints are putting up some quite staggering numbers on Offense at the moment, laying a 50 burger on Cincinnati on a chilly Sunday afternoon with all the usual names providing the goods plus a couple of newer guys getting some ball time. I wanted to breakdown what a good job the Saints offensive unit did on Sunday.

Drew Brees had another stellar game, who would have thought it? Putting up stats of 22/25 completed passes, 265 yards, 3 Touchdown passes and a QBR of 150.4. With no interceptions, obviously. #BreesForMVP. Brees threw for the same number of Touchdowns as he did incomplete passes, oh and he made one of his famous leaps for the Endzone too on 4th and a yard, name me a more beautiful thing in the game, I’ll wait.

The guy is a machine, if he keeps this up he may as well never retire. What a guy. All of this was done and he didn’t even play the whole game, allowing Teddy “Two Gloves” Bridgewater to come in and field a few snaps. He now also ranks 2nd in the all-time TD passes list with 509. MACHINE.


A certain contributor for All Saints Considered mentioned in his breakdown against the Rams that he felt Mark Ingram might have a game against the Bengals, and I quote…

“Mark Ingram had a rare off day including a fumble but it’s okay, he will come good again, I’ve got a good feeling about him for next week’s game, watch this space.”

Space watched, space won, well said me! I jest but still Mark had a day yesterday racking up 162 yards from scrimmage including 104 rushing yards with the other 58 through the air. Just the one score for Ingram today but what a score pulling of the “Drew Brees Spin Move” patent pending for a 28 yard catch and run towards the end of the 1st quarter. You can’t keep a quality player like Ingram down for too long, he will come out and hurt you at some point. These numbers will give Ingram a whole heap of confidence for the remainder of the season having missed the first 4 games through suspension.

On the other side of the running back 1-2 punch was Alvin Kamara. Who let this guy drop to the 3rd round? The 3RD ROUND! Anyway he was his usual self, which is unstoppable. AK41 gained 56 on the ground and 46 in the air to rack up another 100 yard game for the Black and Gold. 2 rushing scores to add on to his big time season completed the day for Kamara.

He is the go to guy in the RedZone always punching it through with his physical and aggressive running style. When he and Ingram get rolling together I cannot think of a better RB duo in the league and for a long time. Boom and Zoom for days.

What’s this? A 3rd running back!? Welcome Dwayne “The Rock” Washington – okay that’s not his nickname but it should be, I will take credit for that. I’ll be honest, when I saw no.27 with the carry I wasn’t sure who he was but he had a nice couple of runs for 47 yards off 11 carries including a big time 20 yarder when the game was done. Nice to see the Saints sharing the love.

All this and I haven’t mentioned Michael Thomas yet. Another 70 yards for the Wide Receiver and just the 2 Touchdown’s added. Great catch for the first and great strength for the second following the big interception return to really close out the half for the Saints. 35-7 at halftime, oh boy, what a half that way.

Mike is still yet to be guarded and let’s hope it continues that way for the coming weeks. The match-ups against him were so bad from the Bengals it was an easy option for Brees to keep finding CGM wherever and whenever he could. No phone calls during this game though after his fine last week. No Fun League indeed.

Nice to see Keith Kirkwood in the mix with 2 catches for 45 including a lovely throw and catch for 42 yards in a play taken from the Rams playbook, sneaky. If no other receivers are signed it would be fun to see Kirkwood with a few more targets.

Even though the O-line lost starting left tackle Terron Armstead during the game they all were brilliant again allowing no sacks on Brees and creating holes for the aforementioned Running Back duo. Bushrod stepped up well and kept the Bengals in check. Let’s hope the injury isn’t too bad for Terron though so he can be healthy for the later season, he is a big part of this offensive line.


Now for a few fun/random/outrageous stats from the game and the weekend:

  • The Saints outscored the rest of the NFC South 51 to 40 (21+3+16).

  • The Saints had 33 1st downs which is more than 2.5 times the amount the Bengals had.

  • The Saints scored on all their offensive drives during the game except the kneel downs to end the game. Streak: TD, TD, TD, TD, TD, FG, TD, FG, FG, End of game.

  • Will Lutz outscored the Bengals on his own 15-14 (6 x XP plus 3 FGs).

  • Thomas Morstead’s job is currently “NFL Kick Holder” having not punted, again.

  • The Bengals were previous 6-0 wearing their uniform combo (as they tweeted over the weekend) that was until they played the 2018 Saints.

  • The Saints at 3-0 against the AFC North, The Steelers are 3-0 against the NFC South, the teams meet in week 16 in the Superdome – Who’s buying me a ticket?

  • Drew Brees is the GOAT.

Back to the dome and Philly next week. The 4-5 Eagles are a strange kind of team, dangerous on their day but with some big injury problems currently. With the Saints offense playing as it is currently they look like marching on to 9-1 in front of a raucous crowd on Sunday.

Let’s keep on rolling boys!

Who Dat!

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