A View from the UK – Saints v Falcons – BOLD predictions

Firstly a happy Thanksgiving to everyone stateside and around the World if you are celebrating (except Falcons fans) I hope you have a day full of Turkey and Saints victories.

As it’s a special occasion I thought I would throw out some bold predictions, I say bold, some might not be but it’s just a bit of fun anyway, nothing too serious to see here.

1. The Saints will score off a fake field goal or punt

It will be in the awkward area around midfield whether you don’t know whether to punt, go for it on 4th down or attempt a longgg kick for 3. So Coach Payton and the team, being bold and aggressive as they are will conjure up some more mystery and magic and bamboozle the Falcons special teams defense to get it in for 6. You know that T Hill will be involved somewhere or maybe, that Punter we have (yes, we do have one) called Thomas Morstead with the trickery.


2. Drew Brees will have 2 Touchdowns that aren’t thrown by him

One will surely be his famous leap and extension, standards. Then who knows what the coaching staff will think up. Maybe we finally see that reception from our QB, the GOAT, thrown by Taysom “Swiss army knife man” Hill (not catchy enough?) or even Teddy “two gloves” Bridgewater OR someone else, the possibilities are endless.

3. Atlanta will at least outscore the Eagles and Bengals combined

Okay I had to chuck in at least one negative. Coming off of a short week I always feel it’s easier for offenses to get going rather than defense’s and I’m not sure the Saints D will be able to hold them all night long. Even though I hate to say it, this is a good Falcons offense being led by Matt Ryan with a really good set of WR’s. Jones and Sanu speak for themselves and Ridley had his breakout game against the Saints in ATL. I mean if this is completely wrong and the Saints shut them out I certainly will be enjoying it.

4. One Saints player will get a taunting penalty for a crazy funny celebration after a score

We’ve already seen one for Michael Thomas when he pulled out the Joe Horn phone call celebration but I’ve got a feeling someone has got another in the locker. Maybe something to do with Alvin Kamara and his Airheads, or something to do with turkey/general thankgivingness or something completely random but if there’s one to come out, it’s in this game.

5. The Saints Defense will get at least 3 takeaways and score off 1 of them

Some may be in garbage time when the game is all but over (See Eagles game last 2 interceptions) however the Saints will get 3 turnovers being either picks or forced fumbles and get a Touchdown off one. Got a feeling it will be a fumble recovery score but hey, I’m not THAT bold. When the defensive score does happen it will change the whole complexion of the game in the Saints favour.

BONUS. The Saints will block a punt. But that really isn’t bold, it’s pretty standard practice for this game.

So there you go, something to wet the footballing appetite before the big kick-off.

Final Prediction: Saints 42 – 28 Falcons.


Who Dat!

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