A View from the UK – Brilliant Brees beats Falcons – Offensive Recap

Drew Brees is pretty good at football isn’t he? The 39 year old Quarter Back for the New Orleans Saints once again proved that age is only a number as he rolled back the years to down the Falcons in Atlanta on Sunday afternoon. It wasn’t just through the air too, he added 2 rushing Touchdowns to 3 passing scores to first complete the comeback to force overtime then the win in overtime. A spin move which took out 2 Falcons defenders being the biggest highlight for me and the good following of Saints fans in the “Mercedes-Benz dome” (copy cats much).

The game wasn’t all one way traffic however, with the Falcons putting up 37 points of their own to the Saints 43, I just wanted to focus on the good this week by doing an offensive breakdown. So here we go. Quick side bar, anyone who plays cornerback can tweet @Saints and might get a work out. Worth a shot.

I could talk about Drew Brees all day long. Yesterday, the future hall of famer passed Brett Farve’s pass completion record to lead the all-time list in the NFL. Completing 39 of 49 passes with a couple of drops that weren’t his fault in there too. He hit 9 different receivers and rushed for 7 yards to win this match including the QB sneak in overtime, he does that so well, stretching out over his O-line and over the Falcons D-line then tucking up the ball to protect it and walk off a winner. Brees has thrown 8 TDs this season and rushed for 2 more with no interceptions, he always seems to be talked about the 3rd best QB in the league behind Brady and Rogers but with him putting up these numbers, again, surely this can’t last for much longer. Surely! Never change Drew.

Let’s talk about another Quarter Back in the game, no not “Matty Ice”. Worst nickname ever (see The Simpsons comic book guy for the voice over), I bet he gave it to himself as well, seems the type, douche but I’m talking about Taysom Hill. The Saints 3rd choice quarterback is pretty much everywhere these days, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised to see him selling you your half time beer or firing a t-shirt cannon. Hill has been returning kick-offs, going under centre and lining up as a running back in addition to playing and tackling well on special teams. In this game he came into the game under centre, sent Brees out a receiver and took the snap. In total he rushed for 39 yards on 3 attempts. This is 28 yards more than Gillislee and Williams combined on 1 less attempt in the game and more than them over the season on 14 less attempts. What a stud. I wonder if we will see a 3 QB snap this season. Brees as a receiver, Hill as a RB and Teddy B under centre, watch this space. I wonder if T Hill plays cornerback too?


Alvin Kamara is also amazing with 190 yards from scrimmage in this game. 66 from 16 on the ground and 124 from 15 catches through the air. Surprising that he didn’t get a score to his name in this one. Oh he returned 3 times for 16 too, guy is everywhere as well! He is such a massive part to this offensive unit, without him the Saints rush offense of the last few weeks would be near non-existent.

Michael Thomas was another player who had a game without actually scoring points, usually one of Brees favourite targets in the endzone but still gained 129 yards on 10 receptions including a big time 23 yard play in overtime. Sometimes he really can’t be guarded, 38 of 40 catches this season for Mike, the NFL’s top receiver.

Ben Watson had a nice few catches too, 5 in fact, for 71 yards. Good to see the Tight Ends getting involved with the catches too. I still think he could be very productive in the endzone given the chance. His experience will count later in the season for sure. More of the same please.

Cam Meredith caught his first Saints pass too and it was a Touchdown. So his stats read “1 catch, 1 Touchdown” let’s keep that record up, 100% Touchdown rate.

The O-line wasn’t up to its usual high standards, with at least 3 false start penalties, maybe it was the pressure situation, the (fake) noise or the fact it was their first road game this season, who knows, adjustments for next week. When the actual snaps were away they did their jobs with just the one sack allowed and some of the usual great blocking upfront creating holes. I remember one in particular where Brees dropped the snap, recovered it and handed it straight to Kamara for a 10 yard gain and a 1st down, effective blocking is so import in this league.

So the offense looked like its week 1 self rather than the week 2 version. Consistency will be key going through the weeks and if they can keep rolling in this manner then more good things are surely yet to come.

Until next time, Who Dat!