A View from the UK – An EARLY Jets Preview

Why are you writing a preview on a Tuesday before an injury report has even come out I hear you ask? Well I am a new contributor for All Saints Considered and I just couldn’t wait to get started!

Firstly a quick introduction, my name is Matt and I’m a Saints fan based in the UK just outside of London. I’ve been following the Saints for about 10 years and have been fortunate enough to attend 3 Saints games in the Superdome (Ravens 2014 (L), Falcons 2015 (W) and Bucs 2017 (W)) and the one at Wembley against the Dolphins (W) this year, 3-1, decent record that eh? I go to all the London games for my love of the game and the social side of it too.

Onto the football and the Jets. At the start of the season I looked at this one as home banker and as of this moment it really should be and for me, will be. But as the weeks went by with the Jets looking more and more competitive Week 12, close game with the Panthers, Week 13, Win against the early front runners Chiefs to name a couple, I got that element of doubt creep in. Could they pull off a shock in the dome? Would the Saints be struggling to win the NFC South? Would we even make the playoffs? I’m usually an optimistic person but this on top of all the injuries we sustained last Thursday (no I don’t want to talk about it) made me worry.

Then Sunday happened and all of this disappeared.


I’m viewing this one as yes, a must win but not a must win whilst getting out of 2nd gear. Get those key players (or just players as a whole) healthy, we need your Lattimore’s, Armstead’s, Peat’s and Kamara’s for the stretch. Play the long game with this one. I don’t think Bryce Petty – 2/9 for 14 yards on Sunday and a career QBR of less than 60 is throwing for 300 yards and 3 scores on Sunday. I’m not convinced their Defense is holding us down to less than 21. I doubt their run game can beat us to a pulp, at home, in the dome against of the best Saints D we’ve seen for years. It’s just not going to happen (Prints these words out and prepares them to eat as a delicious meal on Sunday evening). Rest up, get healthy, and get ready for revenge week next week. Don’t risk ‘shon for this one, let Kamara start, get his Weekly ROTW award then rest up, hell even let Drew do this thang for a half / 3 quarters and protect him too (what’s Taysom Hill doing these days? – Special Teams extraordinaire anyone?)

This game isn’t the game that defines our season, that comes Christmas Eve of all the days (Prepares multiple comments about Christmas coming early etc.)

However, there’s always a flip side and this is no different. This is the NFL, any given Sunday and all that, could the Jets turn up? Nothing to play for but pride, no pressure, and all the pressure on the home team expected to win. Unlikely but possible nonetheless.

Could we use this game as a spring board to further success? Build that momentum going into the mini playoffs before the main event, one of the most underrated things in sport is momentum, it breeds confidence and in turn that breeds success. Play the starters, get a BIG win, I’m talking 40/50 points, a shutout and takeaways. Get those boys even more fired up than they already are. Show the league we really mean business, put on a show.

If I know my coaching staff and team like I think I do, then, if all are healthy, we won’t be resting anybody, we will go for the kill and make people sit up and watch going into revenge week.

Saints 38 Jets 10