A Look Back at Saints vs Ravens

This season, you are hearing Drew Brees’ name put in a lot of lists with two people, Brett Favre and Peyton Manning. This Sunday we could hear that happen yet again, as Favre and Manning are the only two QBs to beat all 32 NFL teams. Brees only needs to beat one more team, the Baltimore Ravens. We are 0-3 against the Ravens in the Brees era so I thought it would be fun to take a look back and see what happened during those 3 games. As this seems to be a Saints season of righting wrongs and setting records, lets see what exactly has gone wrong and if we can fix this great injustice and add another reason why Brees deserves to be the MVP.

Week 8 – October 29, 2006

The 5-2 Brees and Colston led Saints meet the Steve McNair, Ed Reed, and Ray Lewis led 5-2 Ravens in the Superdome. This game also had a record set, Joe Horn became the Saints then all-time TD reception leader off a 32-yard reception from Drew Brees. He finished the game with 5 catches 126 yards and a TD, not even our best performance from a WR, Colston ended up with 6 catches for 163 yards and 2 TDs. This seemingly high powered passing offense when combined with a lackluster rushing performance seeing Reggie Bush and Deuce McAllister combine for 10 carries and 27 yards was not enough to take down the dangerous Ravens defense. Our defense, led by our safety of one year Omar Stoutmire’s 11 tackles and the Scotts’ (Fujita and Shanle) each having 8 tackles, wasn’t the main reason for our demise. We shot ourselves in the foot throwing 4 interceptions, 3 from Brees and the 4th obviously being from Reggie Bush, 2 of those being brought back for TDs. The Ravens and Saints both went on to the playoffs. The Saints lost in an NFC championship game that I remember to this day for the sour taste left in my mouth, not only because of the blowout but because of the Bears fan that had a sign reading “Bears finishing what Katrina started.”

Week 15 – December 19, 2010


Yet again the two teams meet with the same record, this time at 10-4. The Saints are coming in with a 6 game win streak, and are looking like a threat to repeat as Super Bowl Champions. This game was much more of a fight than than the last one. The game was even tied up until 10 minutes left in the game. Drew Brees continues to put up some good numbers, throwing 2 TDs to Jimmy Graham, Marques Colston gets 6 catches again this time for 81 yards, Reggie Bush sees 7 catches for 37 yards. Our rushing game once again is stuffed as Pierre Thomas, Julius Jones, and Reggie Bush combine for 14 attempts for 27 yards. Our secondary led by Malcolm Jenkins, Tracy Porter, and Darren Sharper played very well allowing a Flacco stat-line of 10/20 172 yards and 2 TDs. However, our rushing defense was gashed as Ray Rice punched his way to 153 yards (oof). The Ravens beat us 30-24 in a close one. The Saints didn’t let the loss drag them down too much, as we still made the wildcard game. But, similar to the ‘06-’07 we had a exit in an awful way. We all remember that Marshawn Lynch run that put us away.

Week 12 – November 24, 2014

I’m starting to notice a trend in these games. I’m sure you’ve noticed a few similarities and let’s see if this one will be any different. One difference though, is that the teams are having two different performances thus far. The Ravens are 7-4 and pushing for a playoff spot. The Saints are sitting at 4-7 tied with the Falcons for first place in the powerhouse division of the NFC South. Drew Brees has another great performance, 35/45 throwing for 420 yards, 3 TDs and an interception. Two of those TDs going to Jimmy Graham just like last time. Yet again, we cannot rush the ball, other than a 67 yard rush by Joseph Morgan. And they still run the ball straight through us as Justin Forsett has a 187 yard and 2 TD outing. Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

These three games perfectly encapsulate our problems during the Brees era. Drew carries us through the air and finds no problem scoring, but our defense just couldn’t seem to get the job done. I’m looking for our game this Sunday to be different. Our rushing defense is spectacular, allowing the least rushing yards so far as a team. Our rushing offense looks to be continue to get back to last year, Mark Ingram being back does so much for us. We do have some questions in the secondary, but it seems that we are getting Lattimore back, who hopes to end his sophomore slump against an interesting Ravens passing offense. This team loves one another so let’s hope they bring their A game to get this win, righting our past wrongs. Getting this W so that Brees can reach yet another achievement this year.