5 Bold Predictions: Saints vs Eagles

The Saints will take on the Eagles in the divisional round of the playoffs at the Mercedes Benz Superdome. A rematch of a regular season blowout handed by the Saints to the Champions. This game will look somewhat different this go round with injured starting QB Carson Wentz sitting out and backup Nick Foles lining up under center. The Eagles are a much different team with Foles under center and appear to be playing better under his direction and most importantly winning with him. The Eagles did have lady luck on their side last week in the wild card playoff game as they watched Cody Parkey’s kick bounce twice off of the goal post and end the Bears season. It certainly will be a different kind of game and environment in the Superdome than what they faced in Solider Field and as much as the Eagles think they are prepared and motivated for this game they have no idea what they are about to walk into.

One of the great things about watching the NFL playoffs is that no matter how many years the games have been played there is always something new and never seen before bound to happen making instant history. So once again we will peak into my crystal ball and predict some of the things that are going to happen.

1. The magic of Saint Nick runs out.

Everyone loves a good Christmas miracle in December, but the holidays are over and it’s time to send St. Nick packing his bags back to the North Pole, or Philadelphia, in fact we really don’t care where he goes as long as its not to the next round. The story was great last year with Foles and watching him win the Superbowl MVP, but it’s time to move on.


2. The Saints will blowout the Eagles again.

A lot is trying to be made out of the Eagles seeking retribution and wanting to embarrass the Saints like they did them, but the fact is this is still mostly the same team we played several weeks ago with a defense that cant stop the run and covers like a blanket with holes all over. No matter how much lip stick you put on a pig you can never change the fact it is always going to be a pig.

3. Johnathan Vilma redeems his WhoDat chant mishap from earlier this season.

Jon Vilma and Reggie Bush were asked to do the pre game crowd WhoDat chant and although Bush is known for how well he can pump the crowd. VIlma’s chant earlier in the season did not go over so well, but with a crowd ready to get loud for any reason and create an intimidating factor they should respond to Vilma well.

4. The Saints offense will light it up and score at least 30 points.

With a healthy O line and Ted Ginn ready to go this team should see the resurgence of one of the best offenses in the game. Mark Ingram will have a big game as Brees leans on him because Philly is sending everyone to cover Thomas and Kamara.

5.The Saints defense steals the show.

The Saints O will have a good game, but the defense will outshine and show why we are the number 1 team in all the land. The Eagles will never get it going on offense as the crowd noise will be to much for them to handle. Cam Jordan will see to it as well they never settle in and get comfortable. When the D gets pressure and multiple sacks this team always wins.The Saints will do the country a favor and put this dying Eagles team out of misery finally. WHODAT!!!