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2020 NFL Draft Players to Watch For: Day 1

It’s always nice to have a primer on a couple players your favorite team, in this case the New Orleans Saints, could be looking at. Here are some names I’d love to hear called at pick 24!

Patrick Queen

The hometown hero ended the season on an extremely high note. Of course a lot of people want him because of that LSU logo on his helmet, but this one goes deeper. He would be a great pick up at arguably the Saints weakest position. He’s all over the field.He’s only a one year starter, but that comes with being an LSU Tiger sometimes. This fast, fast man would be the best young LB on the Saints by far.

Kenneth Murray


Kenneth Murray compared to Patrick Queen is a lower floor, higher ceiling kind of guy. Expect them both to be very good at the next level. Queen is better in coverage, but Murray is more athletic. Give Murray some time to sharpen his instincts and he’ll be a killer in this league. Either of these two players would be a fix for New Orleans’ LB problem.

Jordan Love

Jordan Love is an interesting case. I’ve talked myself into not being upset if the Saints take him over the past couple of days. He offers something exciting about the future as opposed to the rest of these win-now players. He isn’t polished at all, but displays nuggets of being the perfect QB prospect. He needs consistency and to be taught to break the bad habits he’s been given at Utah State. Should he come here, he’d be entering his perfect situation. If he goes somewhere that wants him to play year one, he’ll fail.

Kristian Fulton

Another LSU player that actually makes sense this year is Kristian Fulton. The Saints need another boundary corner. He had an absolute lockdown senior season. Fun fact about him is that he’s allowed only a 40% completion rate since 2018. He plays hungry, but not TOO aggressive that it gets him flagged. Lattimore with a rotation of Fulton and Jenkins on the outside, with CJGJ in the nickel means we are set at corner.

Jalen Reagor

Let’s start over from Ground Zero with Brandin Cooks. This boy is FAST, FAST. Don’t let his 40 time that he ran with a hurt hamstring fool you. High acceleration, explosive release, snatches balls that he has no right to catch. He had a great career, despite his QBs doing everything they could to ruin him. Being able to play with Brees in this system would be an absolute BLESSING for him.

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