2018 Saints Mirror 2009 Team In Many Ways, Still Have To Finish

The 2018 New Orleans Saints are on a winning streak that has caused the league and the nation to take heed. There are many similarities with both squads starting with Mickey Looms, Coach Payton and Dennis Allen in the management and coaching areas. Of course, with the passing of Mr. Benson there is a difference in ownership but it seems to me Mrs. Benson has been as steady the North Star. Continuity at the top means a lot, look at the Patriots the triangle of Kraft, Belichickand Brady have been together for almost two decades. Drew Brees the Saints field general is playing at such a high level it boggles the mind, he was outstanding in 2009 but is somehow better now.

The New Orleans offense is humming along scoring 37.2 points a game over 5 points better than the 2009 who led the league in scoring. The 13 game win streak in 2009 was halted by Dallas and this season the same team stops a 10 game streak. The current Saints can win by running the ball or by putting it totally on Brees’ shoulders. They can win in a shootout or a defensive smash mouth fashion.

Some of the players remind me of each other be it because of position, role or circumstances. In 2009 Marques Colston was the leading receiver, now Michael Thomas is the number one guy, neither particularly burners, but smart and physical route runners. The Saints signed free agent Demario Davis from the Jets before the season started, 2009 middle linebacker Jonathan Vilma was acquired in a trade from the same New York Jets. Will Smith, taken tragically way too soon, and Cam Jordan are comparable in almost every way possible, both stout defensive ends. I also see Alvin Kamara as a better version of Reggie Bush.

Bottom line is the current Saints team organizationally has everything needed to win the Lombardi trophy. The loss in Dallas last Thursday night may end up being a blessing in disguise, as the team maybe needed some adversity to overcome. It was starting to look easy for New Orleans, this is the NFL, it is not easy. Now Payton, Brees and company can refocus and repeat what the 2009 team accomplished, and also allow me to cash in my ticket at 15-1 before the season started. The 2009 team and this years’ squad have went down similar paths and hopefully end up at identical destinations.