2018 Quarterbacks Analysis

* indicates a Saints system fit

Josh Allen (Wyoming)

Josh Allen is the definition of a prototype. Size, elite position strength (arm and upon contact), functional movement, speed, jumping ability, savvy agility in pocket, comfortable fluidity weaving through bodies, enough athleticism to be dangerous on the move in jail break situations or in boot and waggle rollout plays. Against New Mexico one play he runs circles around the defense than dives into a front flip between defenders similar to John Elway helicopter Super Bowl run. People who dislike Allen say he had low completion % and cite a stupid 60% or below scouting “rule” that claims quarterbacks below 60% completion percentage do poorly in the NFL. Matt Stafford and Matt Ryan are recent players to buck that trend, and Josh Allen will be another. People who criticize accuracy are looking at stat sheets, not game tape. Allen has the best arm I’ve ever scouted. Very accurate, can make every throw on a football field. Elite, natural arm talent. Hypothetically, if you switch Josh Allen and Baker Mayfield, Allen would have completed above 60% at Oklahoma, so vague notion of 60% as prerequisite to being an effective pro is ludicrous. Wyoming had awful blocking, lots dropped passes, played from behind. Allen was too competitive to settle and would force the issue gunslinging for glory instead of playing it safe vying for checkdowns. Has uniquely wide base on throws. Comparisons for Josh Allen are tough. Tape of the “strongest arms ever” don’t compare, maybe John Elway in his build, mobility and arm talent or Dan Marino in once in a lifetime arm, or Jim Hart as far as pedigree, but pure arm talent we’re talking JaMarcus Russell type power. Josh Allen will have the strongest arm in the NFL, day 1, bar none. Allen is system diverse, comfortable on the move, shifty in pocket, natural feet and feel to elude bodies, not a burner but can run if necessary like a Blake Bortles type mobility. Has best pocket savvy in draft and is not just a cannon thrower because can put soft touch on throws when necessary (senior bowl). You can see the power in his combine performance, which frankly was outstanding and included 80 yard bombs. Great body strength makes him very hard to tackle and he is a battering ram and will try to run you over. Needs to be smart at pro level and not leverage strength to giving and taking hits. Competes, does not go down easily (Cam Newton). Keeps plays alive, sometimes too long. Will take sacks instead of living to fight another day. Gun slinger attitude will lead to bonehead interceptions in the pros, but he only had 6 interceptions so not an idiot. Josh Allen should be the 1st overall pick. Hard to believe pre-draft rankings 29th NFL + 50th CBS. As a person, I like his interviews; he grew up on farm, seems trustworthy enough to build franchise around. I expect a team to see potential and trade up top 5 to get him. (Browns, Broncos, Ravens, Patriots, Jaguars). Hard to believe he was not wanted out of high school or out of JUCO.

Our Grade: Top 5 pick


Projected Grade: 1st rd

Comp: Terry Bradshaw

Sam Darnold (USC)

Sam Darnold has a compact style with quicker feet than expected and cannon arm. Dart thrower can pick anywhere wants to put ball on every throw on field. For great power, accurate placement but trouble throwing ball away when plays collapse. Mechanics looks like young Peyton Manning with an over the head windup, but his game is more like Jake Delhomme regarding turnovers. Lacks consistency, pocket footwork, and predicting defenses. Release is lightning quick, has most versatile arm. Most system diverse, short game west coast + power game push downfield. Moves faster and better on the run than in pocket, but more mobile than expected. Can run if needed. Base is odd in pocket, not natural or conventional with his feet. Throws with bad mechanics, often off back foot or feet side by side. Best throw is slants, can push it deep. Absolutely has to improve awareness and mechanics. Holds the ball too long, will take sacks. Forces throws into coverage. Interceptions from brain not arm. Did not throw at the combine then said it was hard to watch others throw, which is pussy. Worst attribute not anticipating, reading, or predicting defense ahead of time. Has risk of being turnover machine if doesn’t improve ability to read field and feel defense. Tendency to overthrow, but best attributes are athleticism, elusiveness, arm strength. Young and turnover prone so polarizing guy to scout. High ceiling low floor, only 20 years old.

Our Grade: 1st rd

Projected Grade: Top 10

Pro Comp: Vinny Testaverde

*Baker Mayfield (Oklahoma)

Baker Mayfield is a fantastic touch thrower, with enough touch to hit deep balls but not a power thrower. Not going to drive the ball on a line or split defenders. Could be a problem, but fantastic anticipation and ability to lead receivers with perfect placement may make up for it. In right system could excel. Jittery feet, like he’s ready to explode for big play. Not prototype quarterback but incredible confidence. From walk on to Heisman trophy winner, led every statistic in college. Works in the pocket, scrambles well enough to get long runs. Can throw on move. Does not have big body or strong frame. Has to be smart about how he runs on next level. Although jittery, forms stable base upon release. Footwork is unique, needs pro refinement because sloppy and erratic. Not typical player, very fun, caught a touchdown. Will be instant fan favorite, backyard awareness, unique west coast accuracy. Defines playmaker and competitive, but competitive edge leads to cockiness (off the field) and with small frame, will have welcome to the NFL hits, plus attitude will create enemies. May take a lot of sacks. People compare to Drew Brees, Russel Wilson, Doug Flutie or Johnny Manziel, but you got to dig deeper. I saw more similarities to Jeff Garcia, Mark Brunell, or a little bit like Rich Gannon. Negatives (no filter and big mouth): he doesn’t look like weight room guy at all. Built like an average Joe. Will need to be in offensive system built for him (Bills, Browns, Jets, Dolphins, Jaguars). Will have to get in weight room and stay out of trouble. Struggled against blitz, exposed by Georgia may drop, also possible because doesn’t fit every system. Put Baker Mayfield side by side with Jake Plummer or Jeff Garcia and almost identical. Plummer went early 2nd round. Mayfield may fall victim to same problems as Jake Plummer, interceptions and sacks due to overly competitive. Baker could become best player in draft; however could be a bust if competitiveness leads to hits if he doesn’t learn to throw ball away and if doesn’t develop his body and intermediate throws. Overall, Mayfield is highest risk, highest reward player at quarterback in a long time. Expect him picked in first round because NFL is evolving, even though history indicates players like this usually go round 2. He may have long career but not sure championship caliber character (evaded arrest while drunk, cried like a bitch) or arm strength.

Our Grade: 1st rd

Projected Grade: 1st rd


Comp: Jake Plummer

Josh Rosen (UCLA)

Josh Rosen is a maddening prospect. To have such natural balance, accuracy, and delivery, but not have awareness, toughness or hunger is sad. Every throw looks the same; he’s a machine in that sense, but everything looks predetermined; lacks creativity, not a natural backyard player. Intermediate thrower does best work in 10-20 yard range, especially over the middle. Moves okay in pocket but very slow, cannot run. Makes bad decisions, could be a turnover and injury machine. Throws pretty ball, but too often throws prettiest interceptions you’ll ever see. Like Jay Cutler; has countenance of an asshole. Do not expect him to be liked in locker room. Seems spoiled, entitled. Talks out the side of his mouth. If he speaks from heart won’t like what you hear. Got mad at twitter fans for saying he was going pro because “All you guys are doing is making me answer calls and texts from concerned friends and family members” then the bitch declares for draft. Another time, tweeted athletes can’t go to school and play football at same time because “it’s like working two jobs.” Third bad tweet, he was mad he couldn’t take classes he really wanted because football got in the way. Spoiled, used to getting what he wants. Economics major; expect to put money 1st and take money and run. If put together highlight reel, would look like first overall pick, but bad decisions, get saved by receivers or by opposing defenses dropping interceptions or not having NFL closing speed on ball. Saw too many swing passes and short passes looked predetermined with poor timing, like he lacks instincts. Biggest flaw he lacks blindside awareness “eyes in the back of his head.” Also very slow. Combined with bad awareness, he’ll take sacks, make bad decisions. Blindside vulnerability should be very concerning. Expect injury prone. As thrower, accurate in short game and especially intermediate game. Similar to Boomer Esaison or Chad Pennington in movement and style, but not as tough. Strength to throw deep but not as much placement. Prettiest kinetic chain ever. Credits tennis at young age for advanced footwork and balance. Can zip it if necessary but not a power arm. Some team will fall in love with Rosen’s technique and balanced footwork but they may get burned. I don’t expect him to see the field as much as fans will hope. I mean that in two ways: injury, and field awareness. Makes too many head scratching decisions. I wouldn’t let him lead my team or community. Although Rosen has talent to produce, I don’t think he’s worth the risk of where he’ll be picked which is most likely round 1 but my grade’s later. Truth is I probably wouldn’t pick him.

Our Grade: 2nd rd

Projected Grade: 1st rd

Pro Comp: Jason Campbell

*Chase Litton (Marshall)

body mechanics look the part, but doesn’t step into throws like he should, touch thrower but able to put some zip, intermediate guy, moves ok in pocket, interested to see how he could play with better talent, makes some really fantastic tight window throws, possible sleeper. Fastest release you can get. Loves to look one way and immediately go the other, will embrace trick plays and deception (patriots would love a guy like this). There is a lot to like with Litton. Some throws are incredible, just needs to be more consistent in accuracy. Would not surprise me if people said he became better than Rudolph and Jackson and even Darnold or Rosen and some of the guys ranked higher. Litton has a certain poise that you have to love and seems like he could be an effective game manager and really does everything well. I’m not sure why he’s not pre draft ranked way higher. Needs to use his eyes to move defense more and may fall because does not have a super strong cannon arm.

Our Grade: 3rd rd

Projected Grade: 4th rd


Pro Comp: TJ Yates/Nick Foles

Mason Rudolph (Oklahoma State)

Mason Rudolph is truly sensational bomb artist but possibly one dimensional. Puts great touch on deep ball, leads receivers, hits them in hands, in stride on variety of deep throws. Has strong arm, throws well on outside, not as well over the middle. Weakness over the middle and short to intermediate inaccuracy may make him struggle as pro. Moves well for big size but won’t be a runner. Not a gym rat clearly, carries beer belly. Does not use eyes to deceive defense enough. Makes great throws but really inconsistent placement. People will compare him to Big Ben but I see a more limited player. Does not step into pocket and it is a big problem. Seems comfortable in back of pocket, mainly wants to throw deep. Limited player with great strength (nasty stiff arm) and pro arm but absolutely needs to be coached up and needs to work on stepping up in pocket.

Our Grade: 3rd rd

Projected Grade: 2nd rd

Pro Comp: Mike Glennon

*Luke Falk (Washington State)

throws catchable passes, touch thrower, throws while moving a lot, off back foot, doesn’t step into throws like a pitcher would follow thru but still accurate, will hold on to ball too long, takes lots of sacks, he’s the sleeper and up the board creeper at qb in this draft, can zip it, but not power thrower, feet move well in pocket, stays light feet dancing and bouncing but needs to stay in pocket and not look to move, generally aware of the field but stares down primary target too often, needs to do better moving defense with eyes although flashes ability, not good outside the pocket, he’s like a dancing icewagon, needs to throw away more, puts ball up for jump balls a lot, willing to give guys chances, will result in interceptions. Fits west coast system and could have a high ceiling with the right staff and team around him. From walk on to team record breaker, he should not be slept on as a possible strong game manager, shows a lot of intelligence on the field.

Our Grade: 4th rd

Projected Grade: 4th rd

Pro Comp: Matt Schaub

*Mike White (Western Kentucky)

Mike White is the ultimate game manager who can move his team down the field consistently moving the chains with quick decision making and smarts. Takes lots of sacks, not quick enough feet. Short and intermediate consistency, can put touch on deep passes. Steps into pocket but doesn’t throw ball away under pressure. Accurate, great placement, quick processing, quick reads. Touch arm, not strong arm. Stares down targets. Similar to Matt Cassell in throwing ability and grade. Throws equal everywhere – middle, left, right, short, intermediate, screens, deep. Windup is a bit elongated but still quick. Can zip it when needed. Sacks are big time problem. Belongs in west coast system and could do well as game manager.

Our Grade: 4th rd

Projected Grade: 3rd rd

Pro Comp: Brian Griese

*Kyle Lauletta (Richmond)

Fluid feet, plays natural, moves well in pocket, really love his pocket footwork. unique poise, control and comfort in pocket but not always anticipation, will take sacks, gets low in throwing motion, will have passes batted down, short game arm consistently but can bomb in when necessary, accurate, throws most ‘catchable’ ball, accurate on rollouts. you’d like his processing speed quicker especially coming from small school. if throws off target the ball sails high due to release, overthrows resulting in interceptions. played lights out in senior bowl and shocked everybody winning MVP and absolutely dominating, possible big time sleeper.

Our Grade: 4th rd

Projected Grade: 5th rd

Pro Comp: Cody Kessler

*Nick Stevens (Colorado State)

steps into his throws like a man, almost like a pitcher, long strong windup could allow defenses to jump passes, but it’s certainly pretty to watch him throw. can push it downfield but takes checkdowns when necessary. operates over the middle of the field most comfortably. willing runner but not fast. makes very accurate high degree of difficulty throws in deep intermediate routes. great anticipation for his guys but not always in predicting defense. touch or power thrower, throws catchable ball, quick release, bad team, might be better as a pro, sleeper alert. needs more consistent footwork and misses really easy throws. cant question toughness or arm, bad blocking, makes fantastic throws, surprised how quiet his pre draft has been, possible sleeper and better pro than collegiate. Some of the prettiest throws in the class, really top notch arm talent.

Our Grade: 5th rd

Projected Grade: 6th rd

Pro Comp: Chad Pennington

Lamar Jackson (Louisville)

Takes the worst sacks you’ll ever see, will take hits, lightning fast, agile, burst, fantastic runner. west coast mobile short game accurate, even some deep touch throws but inconsistent. does not look like game will translate to pros but the game is changing, elongated windup like Deshaun Watson, doesn’t progress through reads or have much past 1st read, targets 1st read and primary receiver a lot, doesn’t anticipate throws, waits too long to launch. big bust potential.

Our Grade: 5th rd

Projected Grade: 1st rd

Pro Comp: Pat White

*Kurt Benkert (Virginia)

cannon arm, can make big time intermediate throws, on the move, fast feet, moves well, can run, holds on to ball too long, takes sacks. base needs to be fixed, poor angles and feet like Matt Stafford, trusts his arm more than feet. not a pocket guy, more of a mover, misses way to many easy throws, misses are very ugly, for such arm talent inaccuracy is head scratching. will not make a living in the pocket, better on move, not accurate deep, overthrows long ball. if you were grading talent and ability alone, this guy might have fastest feet and best cannon mix in draft, but doesn’t put it together consistently.

Our Grade: 7th rd

Projected Grade: 6th rd

Pro Comp: Major Harris

*Logan Woodside (Toledo)

west coast game manager, not the strong windup release and ball you want to see but possibly a backup. quick release and can put it on the money downfield. not big and not much of an athlete, a little bit too short game of a qb and doesn’t put enough heat on the ball.

Our Grade: 7th rd

Projected Grade: 7th rd

Pro Comp: Chase Daniel

*Kyle Allen (Texas A+M/ Houston)

a lot of talent, but doesn’t put it all together, mobile and strong arm but his mistakes are as plenty as great plays. There were times at A+M you would have thought he’d become high pick but transferred and sort of fell through the cracks. If you had to take a shot on 1 udfa, it’d be Allen.

Our Grade: 7th rd

Projected Grade: UDFA

Pro Comp: Chad Kelly

*Nic Shimonek (Texas Tech)

soft arm deep tosser system guy, accurate but not much power, some good comeback wins, benched though. don’t like his short game, deep ball tosses are ok.

Our Grade: 7th rd/UDFA

Projected Grade: UDFA

Pro Comp: Matt Barkley


Anu Solomon (Arizona/Baylor)

backyard mobile type, soft thrower but fun to watch

Tanner Lee (Tulane/Nebraska)

arm talent is strong but not enough movement or awareness. quick strong arm but would need talent around him, team like Pittsburgh or Baltimore seems like it hypothetically could work. I just don’t see him putting it all together because he’s a statue, but he has a cannon.

Brandon Silvers (Troy)

makes great throws, but inconsistent. did compete against good teams.

Riley Ferguson (Memphis)

weakest arm in draft, oddest throwing motion, windup release, great eyes, moves defense, clearly aware of entire field, backyard baller type, do not think he can translate to pro game but moves well and loves the game. next to Jackson, most overrated qb in class.

Pro Comp: Andre Ware

JT Barrett (Ohio State)

mobile short game back yard guy who’s limited downfield but possible backup

Danny Etling (LSU)

never put it together, would have to get a lot better

Quinton Flowers (USF)

mobility could get him on roster, not long term viable because windup

Pro Comp: Tee Martin

Austin Allen (Arkansas)

not production you look for

Jeremiah Briscoe (Sam Houston)

not enough arm talent

Max Brown (Pitt)

no arm strength

Cooper Bateman (Alabama)

mobile short armed type, looks like college guy not pro

Pro Comp: matt mauck,