2018 NFL Playoff Predictions

A few things about me, on my 18th birthday I wrestled a bear twice the weight of Vita Vea. I lost miserably and came close to emptying my bladder at the time. I’ve been on the wrong end of a gun twice, it ended poorly for me both times. At 25 I got into a bad car accident and shattered my pelvis, 11 months later I was ran over and pinned by my girlfriends Honda on Galveston’s Jamaica Beach. So I’m telling you this because all my bad luck is behind me now I just give out winners, hopefully. Last season I missed the Saints record by 1 game this time I name the division winners and eventual Super Bowl match-up.

AFC East

New England 12-4

It’s not even a guess at this point is it?


AFC North

Pittsburgh Steelers 11-5

Big Ben, Antonio Brown, and Le’Veon Bell should be enough to outscore most teams even if the defense is not that intimidating anymore.

AFC South

Houston Texans 10-6

They get back JJ Watt and Deshaun Watson, I think that may be enough to outpace Sacksonville.

AFC West

LA Chargers 11-5

Phillip Rivers has weapons and the defense has maybe the best defensive ends in the league, should be enough.

AFC Wildcards

Jacksonville Jaguars 9-7


If they stick to the same formula as last season, get to an early lead and run Fournette, the defense can pin their ears back.

Kansas City Chiefs 10-6

Andy Reid will reign in Patrick Mahomes just enough to be successful this team is dangerous… Or 8-8!

NFC East

Philadelphia Eagles 11-5

The defending champs get Carson Wentz back (still not cleared for contact) and Doug Peterson is an excellent coach.

NFC North

Minnesota Vikings 10-6

An excellent defense, Dalvin Cook back, and perhaps an upgrade at quarterback. They slide back in record but still good enough.

NFC South


New Orleans Saints 11-5

They were a mistake away from the NFC Championship last season and they only got better with another solid draft. This may be the toughest division in football and the best QB-head coach duo usually prevails .

NFC West

LA Rams 10-6

The team had multiple big free agent signings this off season, it may take them some time to gel. Sean McVay is a superior offensive mind with a ton of toys.

NFC Wildcards

Atlanta Falcons 10-6

Yea I know but there a decent team and I’m being honest

Green Bay Packers 10-6

With Aaron Rodgers they are always a threat,enough said.

The playoffs should be entertaining for many fanbases but I keep coming to the same conclusion. Being that this is the Katrina anniversary I don’t want to jinx anything so knock on wood. The AFC final two are the Steelers and Patriots with Tom Brady get to the Super Bowl again. The NFC Championship will feature the Falcons and YOUR New Orleans Saints! Brady versus Brees, Payton dueling Belichick, the Super Bowl we’ve wanted for around 15 years. The winner? If you have read my earlier stuff, and I’m sure you have, you already know.