10 Reasons Why The Panthers Will Suck This Year

There are three aspects to the sports world. One being the sport itself, second being the great food that we indulge while watching our favorite team beat down on the competition, and lastly, the trash talk. A rivalry isn’t a rivalry unless there is a ton of trash talk involved. And that’s why this article has come about. Saints fans, enjoy the next minutes of your life reading this article on why the Panthers… well, suck.

1. They rescinded the franchise tag from Josh Norman a few years ago. For that, we thank you. We have really enjoyed watching Drew Brees torch your secondary.

2. Theyhavenorealreceivers. I sat here for 5 minutes trying to think of a single receiver and I couldn’t.

3. Their Tight End is getting older and has a nagging foot injury. Not only that, he came out and said he would consider retirement to start broadcasting.


4. InhisverylastseasonintheNFL, Thomas Davis got himself suspended the first 4 games of the regular season for PEDS. I know what you’re thinking, Mark Ingram is suspended too, but at least we have Alvin Kamara. Behind Davis is Richie Brown, who wasn’t even good enough to make the Bucs 53 man roster. They also could use Jared Norris, who had a grand total of four tackles before going on IR.

5. 90% of their offense is “Super” Cam running around and throwing the deep ball in hopes that a lucky catch occurs. Cam Newton ended with the second most interception in the league last season. The only person who performed worse was DeShone “I make Brock Osweiler look good” Kizer. Sorry Cam, your luck has run out. Back to the drawing board.

6. The secondary is still trash, even after drafting 5 defensive backs the past 3 years combined. The “If we draft enough one of them has to workout” strategy isn’t going so well, eh?

7. Christian McCaffrey ran a slower 40 yard dash than our third string QB, Taysom Hill. This isn’t a reason why the Panthers will suck, we just like to rub it in. While we’re at it, Taysom had a better broad and vertical jump too.

8. Cam Newton likes to laugh at women for asking about route running. If the Panthers knew a little bit more about route running maybe Cam wouldn’t have thrown 16 interceptions last season.

9. They let their All-Pro guard Andrew Norwell walk in free agency.

10. The Saints beat the Panthers last year not once, not twice, but three times. The best part of the three game sweep is the iconic Tom Benson picture that came with it.