10 Reasons Why The Falcons Will Suck This Year

There are three aspects to the sports world. One being the sport itself, second being the great food that we indulge while watching our favorite team beat down on the competition, and lastly, the trash talk. A rivalry isn’t a rivalry unless there is a ton of trash talk involved. And that’s why this article has come about. Saints fans, enjoy the next minutes of your life reading this article on why the Falcons… well, suck.

1. The obvious. THEY BLEW A 28-3 LEAD IN THE SUPER BOWL. Pathetic! It’s rated the biggest collapse in NFL history, and may take the cake for sports history too. They blew a 25 point lead in just 17 minutes. It’s almost impressive that a team is able to do something so embarrassing.
2. The organization likes to play fake crowd noise in the arena. I don’t blame them though, I wouldn’t want to be cheering for the Falcons either.
3. They built a new arena and stole the name “Mercedes Benz” from the Saints. Sorry Atlanta,
but we all know their is only one Mercendes Benz Arena, and its the one with the Super Bowl
banner hanging inside.

4. In addition to building the new arena, they added Chick-fil-A venues. Too bad Chick-fil-A is
closed on Sundays. If there is one thing that perfectly exemplifies the Falcons I think this may be it.
5. They made Matt Ryan the highest paid QB in the league. MATT RYAN!
6. Their star receiver Julio Jones would rather work out with TO than his own teammates, while
also wanting a new deal.
7. Jalen Collins has been suspended for the 4th time in his career. This time for 10 games.
8. Speaking for everyone, I am still trying to figure out if their coach is Dan Quinn or Mr. Clean.

9. They dont have this guy.