10 Reasons Why The Buccaneers Will Suck This Year

There are three aspects to the sports world. One being the sport itself, second being the great food that we indulge while watching our favorite team beat down on the competiton, and lastly, the trash talk. A rivalry isn’t a rivalry unless there is a ton of trash talk involved. And that’s why this article has come about. Saints fans, enjoy the next minutes of your life reading this article on why the Buccaneers…. well, suck

1. They traded up in the second round to draft a kicker, who after just 2 years has already been on 4 teams. Meanwhile, we have an UDFA thats rated the 8th best kicker going into the 2018 season.

2. Their QB is Jameis Winston, who has almost as many controversies a season as he does interceptions. Jameis runs faster from a Publix with crab legs than he does with a football.

3. Their starting QB is also suspended the first 3 games of the regular season. Now I’m done talking about Winston.


4. Their backup QB is a guy who once threw 6 interceptions in one game. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Saints will make that 7 week 1. (Did you know he went to Harvard?)

5. They did not have a single player on the NFL top 100 list. Even the Browns managed to get two players on there.

6. They continue to add to the defensive line in hopes it will be a force to reckoned with, when clearly the secondary needs major help. That’s not an opinion either, they literally had the worst pass defense in the NFL.

7. Their star receiver is more worried about taking cheap shots to players instead of making plays on the field. Mike Evans ended that game with 1 reception, 13 yards, and a 1 game suspension. Mike Evans was also give a 15 yard penalty for his cheap shot, meaning he ended with -2 all purpose yards. Impressive.

8. They decided to keep their Head Coach after a 5-11 season. Hey, maybe they have a

6-10 record in their back pocket for this season. Just for fun, ESPN had them ranked the 13th best team to start the season. They finished 24th.

9. A lifelong Bucs fan recently mailed his Winston jersey to the team, saying “I won’t wear it.”

10. Who is their RB? Peyton Barber? Jacquizz? Better off bringing Cadillac Williams out of retirement. He ended with a 64.1 rating on PFF. For reference, Alvin Kamara got a 90.2 and Mark Ingram got a 77.4